Our first sale July 2nd, 2016

Family Owned


One thing we’ve learned over the years is that consistently producing high quality shellfish requires a long-term commitment to people and place. 



The Pacific Northwest’s nutrient rich waters, protected bays and diverse habitats provide one of the best places in the world to farm oysters... We have built a deep connection to the tidelands we farm. Hoxie's Cove is the traditional name for Kings Slough near Newport, OR. Our estuary has an almost complete water exchange twice a day, ensuring the waters surrounding our oysters is fresh. 

Introduction to Oyster Bluff

A house, high on the ridge, gives a panorama of long, curvaceous Yaquina Bay and its largest marine tidal inlet, a view so grand the house should be a captain’s house because we are blessed with a captain’s view of the estuary, its wildlife, the giant old growth trees lining the other side of the inlet, and the rhythms of the tides.  We see the early morning sun light up the top of the tallest old growth tree across the inlet, the “morning tree,” and we see the incoming tide flow into a long tidal channel and transform 180 acres of slate green and gray tideland into 180 acres of glistening water.  This is nature at its best.  It owns us.  Heron, ducks, Canada geese, salmon, crabs, clams and oysters were living in their world for eons before us.  We are blessed to become part of their natural world and to help preserve the natural beauty and bring back the natural bounty of this special place.

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